Bitcoin Miami 2022 (Event)

It’s almost obligatory to start with one of the most awaited of all, Bitcoin 2022, hosted in Miami, USA. The globally popular event features a wide array of extremely respected speakers and iconic figures of the crypto sphere, such as the infamous Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, or Steve Lee, director at Square Crypto. If you’d like to visit the go-to hotspot of the industry, Bitcoin 2022 should definitely be on your watch list. Be prepared to pay, though, as even the base ticket costs around 0.01 BTC—if you’d like to secure this amount, head over to, where our brand-new interface makes buying Bitcoin easier than ever.

Token 2049 (Event)

For all the Europeans out there, Token 2049 could be a great alternative instead of Bitcoin 2022. Held in Singapore and London, the usually two-day conference features speakers who are expected to reveal their groundbreaking ideas about the hottest topics of the year, such as NFTs, and Metaverses, combined with the newest trends and opportunities for the upcoming period. Nonetheless, be sure to take a quick glance at the official website, and see the exact schedule for yourself.

ETHCC 5 Conference (Event)

Often titled the ‘most significant European Ethereum event’, the ETHCC 5 Conference is an occasion focusing on two main aspects of the second-biggest cryptocurrency: technology, and community. Enthusiasts and knowledge-seekers can both find value in the various fascinating presentations while networking and growing together with other like-minded members.

Consensus (Event)

A more generic, but still infamous happening is Consensus, hosted by CoinDesk. On the agenda, you can find representatives of various top crypto projects, such as Polkadot, Chainlink, Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Aave, and many more. During the conference, speakers usually share exclusive insights about the inner workings of these ecosystems, and invaluable information about not only what’s behind, but also what the world should expect from the crypto sphere’s leaders.

Ethereum 2.0: The Merge (Update)

If you’re not the social type, we present to you something to look forward to. Most of us know that Ethereum 2.0’s process has already begun, with The Beacon Chain’s successful launch. However, the best is yet to come: The merge will actually connect The Beacon Chain to the Ethereum Mainnet, marking the first touchpoint between the two systems. This will be an incredibly interesting event, as it can pretty much determine Ethereum’s long-term success, and role, in the crypto world. Based on its importance, many argue that a successful event can really increase the smart-contract giant’s momentum for the year. Also, Ethereum 2.0 brings ETH staking to the network, which is yet another highly anticipated feature of the update.

Final Thoughts

We’re unsure how many unexpected surprises 2022 holds, but one thing’s certain: it offers a lot of highly anticipated, potentially game-changing occasions. Everyone wanting to dive deeper into acquiring knowledge, and powerful networking will have plenty of chances to do so. In the end, just a word of caution: you don’t want to miss the more silent, less-social happenings either. If you’d like to become part of the Ethereum community today, secure your first ETH on, the UK’s #1 crypto investment platform.