Crypto Accounts for SSAS Pension Schemes

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Compliant Crypto

Registered and compliant with the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Liquid Markets

50+ Fiat, Stablecoin & crypto markets to trade and invest from.

UK Banking

UK Banking for fiat deposits.
No more risking your bank account using off-shore exchanges.

UK's Lowest Fees

Starting fees at 0.35% for all crypto trades and swaps.

SSAS Pension Crypto Accounts

Compliant Crypto Trading for Pension Investors

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Verify your account and deposit from your bank account instantly


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Buy, sell, invest and trade bitcoin, ethereum, solana and more..

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The UK's trusted crypto exchange

Here are a few reasons why you should choose coinpass - Best UK Crypto Exchange 2020.

Secured crypto assets

All assets are secured with air-gapped, biometric, multi-sig wallet, and banking tier operational controls.
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Multi-account support

We understand your personal and business needs.
Seperate your funds with multiple coinpass accounts to suit your business and tax needs.
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Putting people into crypto

At coinpass, we believe in customer satisfaction and customer care. That's why our highly-trained support and operations teams are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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