coinpass | How to: Exploring the Dashboard

Navigating your coinpass Dashboard

The first thing you see when you first log in is your portfolio coinpass dashboard.

You can see a breakdown of all the crypto tokens you hold in your portfolio from the screen.
  1. Currency / Crypto: Current digital asset coinpass offer.
  2. Balance: This is your total currency/token balance for each asset you hold. The number expresses as a fixed quantity.
  3. Value: The current value of your crypto in your local currency (GBP, EUR, etc.).
  4. Daily Change: Change in token value over the last 24 hours.
  5. Action buttons: Trade, Deposit, or Withdraw tokens.
  6. Hide Balances: For security measures, you can hide the value of your balances and the balances of tokens you don't currently hold.
  7. Menu: Click your name to open the account and settings menus.
  8. Dark Mode / Light Mode: You can switch between black or white backgrounds.
  9. Help Button: Open a live chat with the support team.
If you will encounter any technical and account-related concerns, kindly send an email to or click the help button chat from to attend to your concerns via LIVE chat. We are happy to assist daily from 07:00 AM to 12:00 MN UK time.
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