Protecting yourself and your family from organised financial crime.

The Christmas holiday period is a time for giving andsharing with your family and loved ones but scammers and malicious actors arealways looking for new ways to profit from your good will and trust.

At coinpass, we take your financial security seriously and are always working to create a safe and secure place to trade and invest crypto. We have had recent reports from some of our users, both new and existing who have been approached by a broker or trading service to manage their Bitcoin investments for them or, trade on their behalf using the coinpass platform.

These offers are not legitimate nor are endorsed by of scams become more common over the holiday seasons, and you should be extra diligent when being approached online or even being recommended by a family member. Coinpass Limited is a U.K. Financial Conduct Authority registered crypto asset business and does not endorse or affiliate ourselves with any broker or trading service promoting crypto account management.

Any firm offering this type of service and asking you to open a should be reported to your local law enforcement and the Financial Conduct Authority immediately as well as contacting our support team on

The Met Police, National Crime Agency, and the Financial Conduct Authority have a dedicated website to report crypto scams and other financial crimes.

MET Police
MET Police Action Fraud
National Crime Agency
Financial Conduct Authority

Steps to report

  • Get the individuals name and company they represent.
  • Take note of the phone number and any email addresses they have used to contact you.
  • Keep all email correspondence as evidence.
  • Never allow access to your computer, bank account or sensitive ID documents or personal information.
  • Report all details to the relevent agencies as soon as possible.

Our position on Security at

From our security perspective, coinpass would like to issue the following statement: Always remember: Coinpass Limited ( will never contact you asking for your username, password or account balance.

We always perform security checks for any contact made to our clients and only contact clients on a request basis via support only. Similarly, we will never post about an “AIRDROP”, ”FREE BITCOIN” or “DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT” promotions through our social media pages or website. Always check the legitimacy of a page or post via our OFFICIAL channels.

You can find direct links to our official social media pages at the bottom of our website. If you ever have a question, always get in touch with our support team to get the best answer straight from the source.