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coinpass was voted best cryptocurrency exchange platform at CityAM's prestigious CryptoAM Awards.

coinpass has also been nominated as best crypto exchange by the British Bank Awards

nominated Best UK fintech business by the Go:Tech Awards

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  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Bitcoin_BTC_1080x1080 copy
    Bitcoin BTC

    The original cryptocurrency and still the most popular on the market.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Ether_(ETH)_120x120
    Ether (ETH)

    A popular choice for DeFi, smart contracts and NFTs.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Ripple_(XRP)_120x120
    Ripple (XRP)

    A trusted agent with significant traction amongst thematic investors.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Chainlink_(LINK)_120x120
    Chainlink (LINK)

    Bringing real-world data on-chain via API interaction.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Cardano_(ADA)_120x120
    Cardano (ADA)

    Designed to be the most efficient open source proof-of-stake blockchain for scale.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Bitcoin_Cash_(BCH)_120x120
    Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

    An early fork of BTC, but with rapid speed and low transaction fees.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Dogecoin_(DOGE)_120x120
    Dogecoin (DOGE)

    Rapid mining capability with no maximum supply.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Polkadot_(DOT)_120x120
    Polkadot (DOT)

    A newer type of proof-of-stake blockchain, spreading transactions across multiple chains for speed and efficiency.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Litecoin_(LTC)_120x120
    Litecoin (LTC)

    Low transaction fees and a fast block time.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Polygon_(MATIC)_120x120
    Polygon (MATIC)

    An Ethereum sidechain with low fees and fast transactions.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Solana_(SOL)_120x120
    Solana (SOL)

    Designed for decentralised app creation with a hybrid consensus model.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Uniswap_(UNI)_120x120
    Uniswap (UNI)

    An automation-first design that’s built for decentralised liquidity.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_USDT_(TETHER)_120x120

    The biggest and oldest USD pegged stablecoin on the market with the largest market capitalisation.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Stellar_(XLM)_120x120
    Stellar (XLM)

    Stellar’s decentralised peer-to-peer network is designed to connect financial systems across the globe.

  • MR-4735-Coinpass-B2C-illustrations-Tokens_Tezos_(XTZ)_120x120
    Tezos (XTZ)

    A proof-of-stake network built for high-value transactions.


Bank-grade crypto institutional account security

Multi-signature and transaction policy secured wallet infrastructure

Fully secure cold storage for your digital assets

Strict KYC/AML compliance procedures

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All your funds and assets are managed and secured in the UK, by UK partners and institutions. Your funds will always remain onshore in the UK.

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Make deposits with confidence knowing that coinpass upholds the strictest of bank-grade security standards.

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Trade with 18+ tokens across 50+ Trading Pairs - From the more popular Bitcoin and Ethereum to Solana and Cardano, we have what you need.

Trade from your phone - Get coinpass for iOS or Android.

Spot trade - Buy and sell BTC, ETH, and other crypto assets in the moment 24/7.

Automated Trading - Automate your portfolio by investing the same amount every week with Auto-Trade or Limit your losses with limit orders on our advanced trading platform.

Advanced charting and analysis tools - Get the full picture with our up to the second TradingView charting integration. Familiar and simple.

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