Valentine’s day that is celebrated on February 14th is commonly known for lovers expressing their affection through things like greetings, gifts, gestures, and dinner reservations. This celebration is derived from the name St. Valentines. One popular story about him was he was the Saint Valentine of Terni who was executed by the Emperor for secretly officiating weddings for Roman soldiers, which made him a proponent of love.

Every year we celebrate Valentine’s with friends, families, and loved ones, with special dinner dates, chocolates in tow, and exchanges of heartfelt messages. 2020 was the year of big moves in technology and finance, why can't Valentine's Day evolve with the times?  

This year should be different! We are now in the modern era where we can do everything at our fingertips. We live in a digital age of finance, entertainment, communication, and sharing experiences. So why not gifting? Where is your Valentine's gift from last year? Is the card in a drawer? Are the chocolates finished? Is the wine gone?  

This year, do something different with your partner! Show them your love for crypto. By sharing your love of Bitcoin with your partner, loved ones, and family, they’ll thank you for it, in the long run. You are not just giving them an asset for their portfolio, but a peer-to-peer payment system, store of value, and a decentralized way of being part of the next evolution of money. Bitcoin is truly the gift that keeps giving.  

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Show how much you love your partner in 2021, with Bitcoin.