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Coinpass is a complete system that helps protect your site/s from people who share your logins with others and from brute force attempts, plus gives you control on how much your users can download per account/site while giving you a high level of nearly up to the minute member statistics.


Password trading?

Password trading is when a valid login (username & password) of a member is distributed to other people via websites or chat services usually without the knowledge or fault of the original member/subscriber.

If the “rogue” login is not quickly found and blocked or deleted your website could be overwhelmed with users who are logging in under one account and accessing your precious "members only" content for free while at the same time costing you a fortune in bandwidth, overloading your server and in some rare cases…. crashing it.

Our above example was with just one login, imagine the same scenario with 10 or more rogue logins….


How will Coinpass help me?

After being installed Coinpass will check every login to your members section and pay particular attention to logins from different IP addresses,
if it sees a login has been compromised it will disable the account and in some cases email you the details, these details are available 24hrs a day via the coinpass control panel along with other statistics.

The allowable amount of IP addresses is completely configurable by you and you can change it anytime in the coinpass control panel

Brute force attacks?

Using any of the popular search engines a person can easily locate and download a multitude of programs that can even more easily be configured to attack your server (and members section in particular) by a person with little computer knowledge.

These programs try thousands of combinations or simply go through every password combination possible, then hit your server with these "logins" sometimes many times a second.

Attacks like these will/can either slow down your server to a snails pace or halt it totally while at the same time make you pay for wasted bandwidth.


Does Coinpass protect me from brute force attacks too?

Fortunately yes, if Coinpass notices that there have been too many failed login attempts from a particular IP address in a specified timespan it will block that IP from access to your members section for a length of time (that you configure in the coinpass control panel), no matter if the login is valid or not.

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